Sunday, May 31, 2009

An anti-war candidate?

From Chris Sands:

Presidential campaign heating up
Chris Sands, The National (UAE)

KABUL, May 30 - Afghanistan’s electoral campaign season is well underway, with supporters of the main opposition candidate for the presidency holding a series of rallies across Kabul...

The biggest challenger to the incumbent, Hamid Karzai, looks like it might be Abdullah Abdullah, his foreign minister until 2006 and a prominent member of the old Northern Alliance movement.

Rallies have been held throughout the city during recent days in an effort to drum up support for a man considered second favourite. They were often characterised by criticisms of the foreign occupation...

Bashir Banish Hanifi, 22, a student from the northern province of Badakhshan, described Mr Abdullah as “a jihadi” who could help bring peace and reduce nationwide unemployment. He added that the occupation should end, a demand none of the principal contenders are likely to agree with yet.

“My opinion is that we want the man we support to have his hands free. If the foreigners leave the country and let the government work alone, that will be better. A lot of people believe the foreigners are trying to make the situation worse,” he said... (link)
See AbdullaAbdullah's Wikipedia entry.

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