Sunday, July 19, 2009

Canada and Pakistan say troops out

The latest EKOS poll, done for the CBC, finds the following for the mission in Afghanistan:
54% oppose
34% support
12% neither
(link to pdf here)

Readers are urged to check out the breakdown of respondents as results are shown for each provinces and regions as well as educational attainment, which shows that less educated people tend to be more opposed to the war. Quebecers, women, the young as well as NDP voters and Bloc voters tend to show stronger opposition to the war, but seniors and Liberal voters also show strong opposition.

Interestingly, support for the mission only reaches above 50% for one demographic: Conservative voters, 51% or whom support the war.Switching to Pakistani opinion, recently published an opinion survey of that country, which shows overwhelming opposition to the war in Afghanistan:

Pakistani Public Opinion on the Swat Conflict, Afghanistan, and the US July 1, 2009


Afghan Taliban Operating in Pakistan
Three in five think it would be bad if the Taliban were to regain power in Afghanistan. An overwhelming majority thinks Afghan Taliban groups fighting to overthrow Afghanistan’s government should not be allowed to have bases in Pakistan. Most do not believe the Afghan Taliban has such bases; but if Pakistan’s government were to identify them, three in four think it should close such bases, even if it requires using military force.

US Military Activity against Afghan Taliban in Pakistan
Despite its support for government action against Afghan Taliban bases, Pakistanis overwhelmingly reject US action against such bases. Even more say that current US drone aircraft attacks are not justified.

Views of the Operation in Afghanistan
Almost all Pakistanis disapprove of the Obama administration’s decision to increase US forces in Afghanistan. Very large majorities disapprove of the NATO mission and say it should be ended now.


President Obama and US Goals
Only one in three Pakistanis express confidence in President Obama or think his policies will be better for Pakistan. Very large majorities still have an unfavorable view of the current US government and think the US is playing a mostly negative role in the world. (link)

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