Tuesday, June 26, 2007

'Afghanistan: Becoming Iraq'

- CBC's On the Map, in the last week of their one-month trial run (don't worry they are returning in November), had another feature on Afghanistan, interviewing author Ann Jones about women's rights.

- The Editorial Board of the Seattle-Post Intelligencer warns, "If we're not careful, Afghanistan could turn into another Iraq for us."

- 78 per cent of Poles are opposed to their soldiers' occupying Afghanistan, with 81 per cent opposed to occupying Iraq.

- Yet another 'Record opium crop' in Afghanistan.

- U.S. General rejects the recent ACBAR report on civilian casualties, says bombing and strafing runs "are good -- they work."

- Two German journalists say they witnessed U.S. soldiers abuse detainee; NATO launches an investigation.

- Labatt's Blue is now in on the 'support the troops' bandwagon; they have launched a 'Canada Day Program to Recognize Canadian Troops Overseas' in conjunction with the Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency (CFPSA), aka Department of Defence. The Labatt's website flashes special commemorative photos of the CF as part of their "Message [to the troops] in a Blue Bottle" campaign.

- German defense minister in Washington to talk to Hadley and Gates about Afghanistan.

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