Wednesday, August 22, 2007

On the ground in Afghanistan (Part 14)

Mike Skinner's account of his experiences in Afghanistan (intro here).

July 3 (excerpt):

...We leave the cliffs to go to the University of Bamiyan hoping to chat with some students during their lunch break. We manage to catch a few students before they leave and hear some interesting stories. One young man, who has been studying agriculture and geology, told us he is frustrated with what he says is becoming an economic occupation of his country. He told us that one of the richest deposits of iron ore is situated close to Bamiyan. Now that this area is relatively stabilised militarily, foreign companies are competing to extract these riches. But this student points out that most Afghans are likely to receive very little in compensation or employment from the mines. The Afghan government will likely receive a paltry mining royalty that will not compensate for the environmental and social damage caused by mining. (see full entry here)

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