Saturday, December 1, 2007

Reinstate Malalai Joya!

See here to sign on to a worldwide appeal to have Malalai Joya reinstated in the Afghan parliament:

We pledge our ongoing support for Malalai Joya’s reinstatement and call on the governments of the NATO alliance and other countries with troops on the ground to pressure the Afghan government to reinstate her to parliament.
E-mail: to add your name.

Corruption and Torture Continue in Afghanistan

An article by Stopwar's own Kimball Cariou is a succinct summary of the mess that is the Afghan war: A spate of recent news reports indicates that the NATO occupation of Afghanistan is becoming a deeper disaster.

. . . Canada's alliance with the warlords has come under closer scrutiny in recent weeks, in part due to the cross-Canada speaking tour by Afghan MP Malalai Joya. Suspended from parliament for her outspoken criticisms, Joya spoke directly to thousands of Canadians and appeared in several media interviews. She bluntly condemned the Karzai government as a body controlled by the former Northern Alliance warlords, comparing them to the Taliban but wearing business suits. . .

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