Sunday, March 23, 2008

Brussels: 100 anti-NATO protesters arrested

Police in Brussels arrested over 100 protesters opposed to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Reuters has the story:

Over 100 anti-war protesters arrested at NATO HQ

BRUSSELS, March 22 (Reuters) - Around 100 anti-war protesters were arrested trying to force their way into NATO's headquarters in Belgium on Saturday, police said.

Police in riot gear and on horses clashed with over 500 activists from across Europe -- opposed to military action in Iraq and Afghanistan and the use of nuclear weapons -- outside NATO's Brussels hub.

Water cannons were used to prevent most of the protesters from gaining entry to the large security compound situated on the outskirts of the Belgian capital and close to Brussels national airport. [See photo, above.]

At least one protester was taken to hospital with serious injuries after falling on barbed wire, a police spokeswoman said. "We have arrested over 100 and they are being taken to court to be dealt with swiftly."

A NATO official said the compound had not been breached. ... (link)
The protest, dubbed "NATO - Game Over", was called by Bombspotting, a Belgian peace group. You can see a couple of Youtube videos showing the jailing and more:
video 1
video 2

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