Friday, July 4, 2008

Airstrikes kill dozens of civilians

Reuters reports on two incidents of air strikes killing at least 28 civilians:

US-led air raid kills 22 civilians-Afghan official

ASADABAD, Afghanistan, July 4 (Reuters) - Twenty-two civilians, including women and children, were killed in an air strike by U.S.-led forces on Friday in Afghanistan's eastern province of Nuristan, an official said.

The attack happened on a road in Want district while the noncombatants were traveling in two vehicles, the district chief, Zia-Ul Rahman, told reporters.

"The civilians were evacuating the district as they were told by the U.S.-led troops to do so because they wanted to launch an operation against the Taliban," he said.

"The civilians were in two vehicles when killed by the air raid," he added.

The U.S. military confirmed the mission, but said there was no report of civilian injuries... (link)
Farah, too:
Six civilians, three women and three men, were killed in an air strike by foreign troops late on Thursday in the western province of Farah, several residents said. The provincial police chief confirmed the attack by U.S.-led troops in the area but could not give details of the target or casualties. U.S. military spokesmen were not available for comment. (link)

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