Monday, January 12, 2009

Israel out of Gaza; NATO out of Afghanistan

From the National Post:

Afghan protesters condemn Israel, NATO troops

KANDAHAR CITY, Jan 5 (CanWest) - Carrying banners reading "Death upon Israel" and shouting against "the enemies of Muslims," hundreds of Afghans converged on the Kandahar's city centre Monday to angrily denounce Israeli attacks on Gaza...

The crowd turned its anger against coalition forces in the province, demanding the immediate withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan, which includes about 2,700 Canadians.

"We do not want help from non-Muslims countries. They have proved in Afghanistan that they are unable to help Muslim countries," said Muhammadullah, another protester, according to an interpreter.

"We blame NATO for killing Afghan civilians as well," he said.

Protesters said international human-rights organizations have been too slow to get involved in the conflict, and condemn the growing civilian death toll.

"This is not fair that non-Muslims are attacking Muslims and killing their children and women," said Jamil Ahmad. "Where is human rights? Where is [the] world community? Why they are silent?"

Bismillah Afghanmal, a member of Kandahar's provincial council, spoke out at the protest against the bombing "whether it takes place in Afghanistan" or elsewhere... (link)

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