Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Taliban in Kandahar

This map might be helpful for what follows. (N.B: Zhari district does not appear on the map; it was later carved out of the northern part of Panjwayi district.)

From the Afghan press:

Govt writ in Kandahar limited to three districts: Wafa
By Zubair Babakarkhel - Pajhwok Afghan News

KABUL, Mar 3 - Head of the complaint commission of the President's office Asadullah Wafa on Sunday claimed that the government had effectively established its writ in three districts of the southern Kandahar province out of its 17 districts.

Wafa told a press conference in Kabul on Sunday that Ghorak and Miansheen districts were completely under Taliban control while the militants still hold sway in 12 other districts of the southern province.

His remarks came a day after he returned from his ten-day visit to the lawless southern Kandahar province.

However, he did not name the districts where the government's writ is prevailing, but security officials in Kandahar say these districts are Spinboldak, Daman and Arghandab... (link)
  • November 2008: Taliban shadow government in Maiwand and Zhari provinces metes out harsh - though reportedly popular - justice.

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