Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Three killings and a protest

Nothing unusual here, just a couple vignettes of occupation:

Forces kill three men, detain six in Helmand raids

KABUL, May 25 (Pajhwok) - Afghan and US-led coalition forces killed three men and detained six suspects early Monday during deliberate operations targeting militants in southern Helmand province, the US military said...

[In Lashkar Gah:] At one compound, the statement said, a man exited a building and walked toward the force. The man appeared to be wearing a suicide belt and was warned to halt. He was killed when he continued to approach forces, the release claimed.

At the same compound, Afghan forces issued verbal commands for occupants to exit two other buildings. Women and children who exited indicated no one else was inside. Forces entered one of the buildings and encountered a man shielding himself with a woman and children. When the man shouted a threat, forces shot him. A ricochet struck a woman and child, causing non-life threatening injuries.

Forces entered a third building on the compound and encountered another man who was also using women and children as shields, the release said.

Forces shot the man, ending the situation without harming the woman and children he had endangered... (link)
And in Uruzgan:
In Uruzgan, demo staged against ISAF
Ahmad Omeed Khpalwak

TIRIN KOT, May 25 (PAN) - More than one hundred people in central Uruzgan province late Sunday rallied against the NATO-led ISAF forces for arresting 18 people including tribal elders and a candidate in the provincial council elections...

A similar incident of arrests by the ISAF troops also took place in the central province last month... (link)

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