Sunday, June 21, 2009

'The majority are not happy with the Americans'

It is common for Afghanistan observers and journalists to note massive Afghan opposition to the current foreign occupation there. Sadly, the mass media rarely take notice of this fact, thus little discussion arises.

Civilian deaths lift support for Taliban
Sayed Karim - Foreign Correspondent, The National (UAE)

BARAKI BARAK DISTRICT, June 21 - Aminullah was getting ready to pray when the glass around him shattered. He ran inside and found his wife lying on the hallway floor, a bullet hole in her back. She cried fainly twice before she died...

The new commander of US and Nato forces has promised to cut civilian casualties, but for Aminullah, and many others caught in the crossfire, it is already too late.

His pregnant wife appears to have been killed during a battle involving the Taliban and US troops six months ago. The bullet that killed her, Aminullah pointed out, is not the type commonly used by the rebels.

Although there is no suggestion that she was shot deliberately, it is of little consolation to the 25-year-old and his two children. The majority of Logar’s residents may also have had enough.

“I am sure it is the Americans who are committing crimes like this. That means they are stirring up a bees’ nest because the people will stand against them,” he said...

Haji Aminullah, Aminullah’s father, recalled how they were trapped inside their home for hours before they could inform relatives of the death in their family. He added that more unrest is inevitable.

The majority of the people are not happy with the Americans. Now a lot more soldiers have come to this country and to Logar, so again there will be fighting,” he said.

According to US military officials, Afghanistan last week suffered its most violent week since the war started in 2001. Figures also show that insurgent attacks increased by 59 per cent between January and May compared with the corresponding period in 2008.

But it is the civilian fatalities caused by US coalition and Nato-led International Security Assistance Force that concern people here the most.

Ekramuddin is a 24-year-old member of the border police. His brother was going to a wedding party when he found himself caught in the same firefight that killed Aminullah’s wife. He was hiding behind a wall when foreign troops shot him dead. US soldiers later alleged that Ekramuddin’s brother was armed.

This is the habit of the Americans. If the Taliban fire at them, they start firing at the whole village even after the Taliban have retreated,” Ekramuddin said... (link)
  • Opinion poll: Majorities in the east and south of Afghanistan say they oppose the presence of NATO troops in Afghanistan.


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