Thursday, October 11, 2007

Private Security Companies "underming the rule of law"

Private security companies in Afghanistan employ over 9000 personnel in Kabul alone - a phenomenon which has ushered in "a long series of security problems and criminal activities," which allegedly include killings. In response to similar efforts by the US-installed government of Iraq, the Afghan government has kicked out two firms and plans to do the same to 10 more. In addition, the government has drawn up a draft law for regulation of security firms. Excerpt:

Current and main set of problems related to PSCs:

1. Undermining the rule of law;

2. Lack of legal system and policies regulating the activities of PSCs;

3. Legal shortcomings in the provisions on private sector under the Investment law;

4. Lack of institutional capacity for enforcement mechanisms in parallel with the sudden "mushrooming" of PSCs in the country;

5. Disguising of a wide range of militia and criminal groups as PSCs, enabled in an environment free of clear guidelines, code of ethics or agreements and administrative corruption. (link)

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