Monday, October 29, 2007

Suspects handed over by CF tortured, prisoners allege

La Presse, the French language daily, reported the other day that interviews in Sarposa prison have revealed allegations of torture of suspects handed to Afghan authorities by Canadian troops.

Canada brushes off allegations of torture
October 29 (Reuters)

...The three suspected Taliban members said they had been captured by Canadian troops, given a document that said torture was no longer used in Afghanistan and then transferred to the Afghan secret police.

"The people from the secret service tore it (the document) up and threw it in my face. They tortured me for 20 hours. I protested and said the Canadians had promised that nothing would happen to me," La Presse quoted one of the three men as saying.

"They replied: 'We're not in Canada, we're at home. The Canadians are dogs!"' he said. ... (link)

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