Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Corruption in Kandahar

From Pajhwok Afghan News:

10 policemen disarmed, arrested in Kandahar

LASHKARGAH, Nov 18 (Pajhwok Afghan News): 10 policemen of Tarnak check post, of Daman district in southern Kandahar province, including its commander were disarmed and arrested upon public complaints, officials of Daman told Pajhwok Afghan News on Sunday.

District police chief of Daman, Col. Ghulam Rasool said that the policemen were accused of robbing ten thousands afghanis from a resident of Khost province.

...Gul Mohammad, a driver of this route told this news agency that he had to grease the palm of the policemen almost daily.
Foreign forces injure civilians in Khost
In Afghanistan's eastern Khost province, where American forces take the lead, Pajhwok Afghan News states rather vaguely that "foreign forces" are responsible for injuring some 7 civilians during military training.
Confirming the unpleasant incident, Col. Israr, Commander of the 1st army brigade in 203 Thunder military corps, said foreign forces were involved in Saturday's incident not the Afghan National Army (ANA).

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