Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Update on Baghlan revelations

The other day, we related how preliminary reports from UN officials investigating the Baghlan suicide bombing indicate that the majority of deaths were caused by bodyguards shooting into the crowd following the actual bombing.

Now an internal report obtained by reporters is even more damning:

An internal U.N. report obtained Monday said bodyguards protecting Parliament members fired "deliberately and indiscriminately" into a crowd after a suicide bombing and that children bore "the brunt of the onslaught."

The report also said there was no evidence to show authorities had tried to identify those behind the shootings or bring them "to account for their crimes." (link)
Recall from an earlier blog posting (here) :
According to Reuters, one [arrested bombing suspect] is "a mosque prayer leader", while the other is "a resident of the industrial part of the town where the blast took place". While the efficacy of policing in Afghanistan is questionable, on first appearance it doesn't seem like the suspects are likely to have been innocents arrested for propaganda purposes. The suspects don't match the preferred narrative of the government of Afghanistan and NATO officials who tell us that the hard core of Taliban fighters come from Pakistan or yet other foreign countries.

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