Sunday, June 22, 2008

Losing the war

Canada's former deputy prime minister John Manley, who headed a panel which reviewed Canada's role in Afghanistan, says that NATO risks losing the war.

"NATO sent 50,000 troops to Bosnia (in the 1990s), which is a country of about 1.8 million. Afghanistan's (population) is over 30 million," he said. "They just aren't taking it seriously enough, in my view. The risk of (the mission) coming out without a very satisfactory outcome is a real one."

Meanwhile, the Associated Press reports that for the month of May, American and allied combat deaths in Afghanistan surpassed those in Iraq for the first time.

By the Pentagon's count, 15 U.S. and two allied troops were killed in action in Iraq last month, a total of 17. In Afghanistan it was 19, including 14 Americans and five coalition troops...

Even when non-combat deaths are included, the overall May toll was greater in Afghanistan than in Iraq: a total of 22 in Afghanistan, including 17 Americans, compared with 21 in Iraq, including 19 Americans, according to an Associated Press count.

The comparison is even more remarkable if you consider that there are about three times more U.S. and coalition troops in Iraq than in Afghanistan... (link)

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