Sunday, June 1, 2008

Media ignores 16 dead civilians

From AFP:

Two dozen rebels, civilians killed in Afghan air strikes

Kuwait Times, May 29

KHOST (AFP) - Air strikes and ground fighting in Afghanistan killed more than two dozen militants and two civilians, officials said yesterday, amid a claim that several women and children were also killed. International forces operating in Afghanistan confirmed they were involved in the overnight action in the eastern provinces of Paktia and Kunar but would not give details of casualties and said they did not know of civilians killed.
Paktia government spokesman Rohullah Samoon told AFP that 17 Taleban fighters and two civilians, including an elderly woman, died in a strike in the Zurmat district... He could not say how the civilians were killed...

[ISAF] said it had killed several insurgents in action Tuesday in the eastern province of Kunar.

"Precision munitions" were dropped on various insurgent positions the Korengal district on the basis of information from locals, ISAF said. The force said one strike was against seven "positively identified" armed insurgents but it did not say how many others were hit. "Korengal valley elders have since verified that there were no civilian casualties," it said. But a villager named Haji Mia Gul said he had lost 14 relatives.

My home was bombed last night. Fourteen members of my family including six women, four children and four men were killed," Gul told AFP from a hospital in the nearby city of Jalalabad where he had brought some of the wounded. Three people were wounded, he said. A doctor at the hospital said he treated a woman and two boys for shrapnel injuries. Afghan officials would not comment. The strikes were in a remote area and it was impossible to independently verify what had happened. (link)
Checking with Lexis-Nexus, I can't find any news outlets that carried the above report from Agence-France Presse. Google says the Arab Times ran it on May 28, and (added to the Kuwait Times, above) that is all the coverage I could find.

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