Friday, September 19, 2008

Three quarters of Poles oppose Afghan role

From Poland:

Low public support for Afghan mission

WARSAW, Sept 17 (PAP) - 74 pct of Poles disapprove of Poland's military action in Afghanistan, 21 pct are in favour, 5 pct have no opinion about it, a poll conducted by CBOS has found.

60 pct fear the mission could cause terrorist attacks, 33 pct do not fear such attacks, 7 pct hold no opinion on the issue.

19 pct think that the Afghan operation will be successful in bringing peace in that country, 65 pct are doubtful about it, 16 pct do not know... (link)
No doubt the rather strong anti-war sentiment among Poles owes something to fact that Polish troops stand accused in the Nangar Khel massacre.

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