Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Video reveals American lies

From Britain's Independent:

Footage of civilian 'massacre' forces inquiry into US attack

KABUL, Sept 9 - America's most senior soldier in Afghanistan has called for the Pentagon to investigate claims that more than 90 civilians were killed in an American airstrike, after harrowing video footage emerged showing the broken bodies of at least 11 children among the dead.

The grim, eight-minute clip, filmed on a mobile phone in the aftermath of the bombing, shows rows of shrouded bodies laid side by side in a make-shift morgue. Among them are at least 11 children, many of them toddlers.

General David McKiernan, the commander of Nato's International Assistance Force (Isaf), ordered a fresh investigation led by a Pentagon general after footage was released on Sunday night...The damning footage was shot by a doctor who visited the morgue, in a building normally used as a mosque, on the morning after the attack on 22 August.

At one point a blanket is pulled back to show the grey, lifeless face of an infant. The dead child's head is no bigger than a man's hand. A large section of skull is missing. Women can be heard wailing in the background. One mourner is heard crying for his mother... (link)
You can see the video (edited to remove graphic depiction of dead children) here.

More on the August 22 bombing (which Oliver North witnessed on the ground as an embedded reporter) and its aftermath here (and links therein).

Meanwhile, American-led attacks have killed yet more civilians - this time in Pakistan, into which the war is speading:
U.S. drones kill 23 in missile attack in Pakistan
By Haji Mujtaba

MIRANSHAH, Pakistan, Sept 8 (Reuters) - Missiles fired by U.S. drones killed 23 people, mostly relatives of a Taliban commander close to Osama bin Laden, in a region of Pakistan near the Afghan border on Monday, witnesses and intelligence officials said.

The missiles targeted a sprawling complex comprising a house and a religious school, or madrasa, founded by veteran Taliban commander Jalaluddin Haqqani near Miranshah, the main town of North Waziristan tribal region.

Ten militants were killed in the strike...

A senior intelligence official said the militants killed were Pakistani and Afghan Taliban but locals said five of them were low-ranking al Qaeda operatives, including three Arabs...

Fifteen to 20 wounded people, most of them women and children, were taken to hospital in Miranshah, doctors said...

U.S.-led forces have stepped up cross-border attacks against al Qaeda and Taliban targets in Pakistani tribal areas.

Helicopter-borne commandos carried out a ground assault in South Waziristan last week, the first known incursion into Pakistan by U.S. troops since the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan, killing 20 people, including women and children.

A day later, four Islamist militants were killed and five wounded in a suspected U.S. drone attack in North Waziristan... (link)

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