Tuesday, November 18, 2008

US-led coalition kills one civilian

From US Fed News:


KABUL, Nov 17 - The U.S. Department of Defense's Combat Joint Task Force 82, Operation Enduring Freedom, issued the following news release:

One Afghan civilian was accidently killed when insurgents attacked a joint coalition and Afghan National Police patrol. The mounted patrol received direct fire from the insurgents in Qalat located in Zabul province, early Nov. 15.

The Afghan National Police and coalition team returned fire, killing one insurgent. However, one grenade fired by coalition forces overshot its target, killing a civilian.

Coalition forces are meeting with village elders and the family of the civilian killed. (link)
November's toll:

November 3: Airstrikes in Kandahar province kill between 40 and 90 civilians. Locals report that Canadian ground troops were involved.
November 5: Airstrikes kill 7 civilians in the northern Badghis province.
November 7: NATO airstrikes kill two civilians in Khost province.
November 9: US troops shoot and kill at least 14 security guards working for a construction company in Khost. (AP says 14; Pajhwok says over 14) This follows an Oct 26 report that 20 security guards were killed in a US airstrike in Ghazni province.
November 11: Local officials report three civilians killed by NATO airstrikes in Ghazni province.
November 11: NATO troops in a convoy ran over and killed a teenager in Kabul.
November 17: In Zabul province, US-led forces kill one civilian with a grenade.

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