Tuesday, November 25, 2008

US-led coalition kills two women

US-led forces killed a woman civilian and injured three other civilians during a clash with insurgents in Zabul province on November 20.

On November 21, US-led forces in Khost province killed another woman civilian when troops opened fire on a vehicle which didn't stop at a checkpoint.

November's toll:

November 3: Airstrikes in Kandahar province kill between 40 and 90 civilians. Locals report that Canadian ground troops were involved.
November 5: Airstrikes kill 7 civilians in the northern Badghis province.
November 7: NATO airstrikes kill two civilians in Khost province.
November 9: US troops shoot and kill at least 14 security guards working for a construction company in Khost. (AP says 14; Pajhwok says over 14) This follows an Oct 26 report that 20 security guards were killed in a US airstrike in Ghazni province.
November 11: Local officials report three civilians killed by NATO airstrikes in Ghazni province.
November 11: NATO troops in a convoy ran over and killed a teenager in Kabul.
November 17: In Zabul province, US-led forces kill one civilian with a grenade.
November 20: In Zabul province, US-led forces kill a woman civilian and injure three others in a clash with insurgents.
November 21: In Khost province, US-led forces at a traffic checkpoint kill one woman.

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