Saturday, July 14, 2007

Afghanistan unraveling says former CIA man

Time magazine's intelligence columnist, Robert Baer, is a former CIA agent. His latest article is a short report on his recent experiences in Afghanistan:

... How fast is Afghanistan unraveling? Westerners live in heavily protected enclaves, waiting for Armageddon to break out. They look a lot like Crusader castles. Western officials and military venture out only in armored Toyota Land Cruisers, easily recognizable by their electronic counter-measure domes and whip antennas. With no license plates, they barrel down the streets at high speeds, staying ahead of any potential suicide car bombers. They don't stop at police checkpoints — extraterritorial status has its privileges.

Not surprisingly the Afghans resent their second class citizenship but so far tolerate it — it's better than the savagery of the Taliban. On the other hand they wonder how long it's going to last...

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