Friday, July 20, 2007

(Growing) Majority opposed to Afghan war...

This story, quoted in full, ran Wednesday on CTV.

Most Canadians oppose Afghanistan mission: poll News Staff

Only seven per cent of Canadians strongly support the Afghanistan mission, while the total number of those opposed in Quebec remains high at 75 per cent, according to a new poll by The Strategic Counsel.

The survey, conducted between July 12-16 for CTV and The Globe and Mail, suggests the level of intensity for Canadians strongly opposed to the mission is far greater than those who are in firm support: (percentage point change from a July 12-15, 2006 poll in brackets):

Total Support: 36 per cent (-3)
Strongly Support: 7 per cent (-1)
Support: 29 per cent (-2)
Oppose: 31 per cent (same)
Strongly oppose: 27 per cent (+2)
Total Oppose: 59 per cent (+3)
Peter Donolo, a partner with The Strategic Counsel, told the numbers show only a small minority of core supporters for deploying troops to the war-ravaged country.

"In every single region, the level of strong support is in the single digits," said Donolo. "Whereas the level of strong opposition ranges from 41 per cent in Quebec to the mid-20s everywhere else."

Quebec showed the strongest opposition towards the mission of any other region in Canada.

Earlier this month, anti-war protesters crashed a parade for the Quebec-based 22nd Regiment known as the Van Doos, who are now being deployed to Afghanistan.

The soldiers also received about 3,000 letters asking them not to go.

Only three per cent of Quebecers strongly support deploying troops to Afghanistan (percentage point change from a July 12-15, 2006 poll in brackets):

Total Support: 22 per cent (-2)
Strongly Support: 3 per cent (NA)
Support: 19 per cent (-5)
Oppose: 34 per cent (-2)
Strongly oppose: 41 per cent (+6)
Total Oppose: 75 per cent (+4)
"This mission has been unpopular in Quebec virtually from the beginning," said Donolo.

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