Monday, July 2, 2007

More on "jingoistic" saga

CBC reports that Quebec-based anti-war coalition, Échec à la guerre, "protests support-our-troops billboards" in Montreal's west-end. This is only the latest city council across Canada to approve what former (Bush-stompin') MP (and current Mississauga city councilor) Carolyn Parrish called a "jingoistic approach to world issues."

There is more to the June 25th post where we highlighted hawkish Edmonton Center MP Laurie Hawn. As part of a campaign he launched on June 21st, Hawn "
has sent letters to all members of Parliament asking that they [encourage councilors to get support-the-troops decals] in their own cities and said he expects a positive response."

It appears that Hawn may not trust his MP colleagues to strong-arm their city councils into legislating publicly-mandated support for the war. The Cornwall Standard-Freeholder reports that he (presuming he is the "MP in Edmonton") is going straight to the councils:

"[Cornwall] Councillors Glen Grant and Guy L,ger have brought forward a notice of motion asking the city to take part in the ribbon campaign by placing decals on all of the emergency response vehicles in the city's fleet. The motion will be debated at council's next meeting on July 9. Grant said a letter was sent out by an MP in Edmonton asking all municipal councils to take up the initiative, and he decided to bring the idea forward." [Emphasis added]

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