Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Afghans are second class citizens

From the Guardian:

Camp Bastion: Afghans at British base beg for protection

HELMAND, Aug 12 - The company that provides services and logistics for the British army has come under fire for ignoring the increasing security needs of its local staff in Afghanistan as the Taliban steps up its attacks on army support employees.

Up to 400 Afghan staff working for KBR at the Camp Bastion base in Helmand, south Afghanistan, have been barred from joining flights to Kandahar and told they must travel by road - one of the most dangerous journeys in the country.

The Taliban is known to be targeting local staff who work for the British or US army as traitors, but this summer has seen an unprecedented number of attacks against caterers, mechanics and interpreters who all work at the base, with 10 staff being killed in July alone...

"My boss said the flights are for priority staff only. It seems some human life is more valuable than others."...

"When I signed up for the job, KBR promised to look after me and provide me security. But none of this has happened. They just threaten to sack us if we complain."...

KBR, formerly part of Halliburton, is the largest contractor for the US army... (link)

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