Saturday, August 9, 2008

We're not gonna take it anymore

From the Belfast Telegraph:

Afghan troops and civilians surround RIR base after child death

AUG 9 - Afghan soldiers and civilians have confronted troops at a Royal Irish Regiment base in Afghanistan following the death of child.

Trouble flared in the already volatile Sangin area of Helmand Province in the south of the country after indirect fire weapons used by British soldiers from the Parachute Regiment struck a mother and daughter...

The death sparked outrage among local people and members of the ANA, who then surrounded the RIR base.

“Two ANA sergeants began to rally some of their fellow soldiers and direct their frustration towards the Royal Irish soldiers in the base,” an MoD spokesman said.

“As the evening wore on a crowd of local nationals gathered outside the patrol base, again fuelled by this small, discontented ANA group.

“Warnings were given by the locals for the ANA to move out of the base so they could deal with the UK troops left there.

The Royal Irish troops pulled out to another base after coming under fire, where they remained until the situation had calmed down.

“A senior ANA officer was flown out to the patrol base and, having assessed the situation, placed the two ANA sergeants under arrest,” the MoD spokesman said...

The incident occurred at the end of June... (link)

Meanwhile, in Nangarhar:

US release Islamic scholar after protests
Thousands hit streets to protest arrest of Islamic council member

AUG 7 (PAN) - US-led forces have released a religious scholar and the Nangarhar Ulema Council chief one day after thousands of people marched through the streets in protest at the arrests, an official said.

Coalition troops detained Ulema Council chief Maulvi Allah Muhammad along with two other scholars from the Ghanikhel district three days ago.

Muhammad is also local prayer leader.

On Wednesday, a large number of residents staged an angry demonstration against the arrest by coalition troops and sought the immediate release of the mosque leader.

Three of the detainees were freed two days ago... (link)

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