Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Freedom = 500 bombs

From the Air Force Times:

A record July for planes over Afghanistan

Aug 5 -Warplanes dropped a record number of bombs over Afghanistan in July, reflecting the intensity of combat in the mountainous nation.

According to Air Forces Central, 515 bombs were released, the highest number ever for a July and the third-highest total for any month since the start of 2004. In June, 646 bombs were dropped. The record was set in August 2007, when 670 bombs were released.

The weapons count underplays the number of airstrikes because it does not include cannon rounds from fighters and AC-130 gunships or small rockets launched by warplanes... (link)


Salvador said...

Dear David:
Rolfsen publishes interesting data. His figures translate into about every 4 to 5 bombs dropped killing one Afghan civilian during July 2008. I shall be publishing a very detailed, lengthy assessment of US/NATO bombing in Afghanistan for 2006-present on October 7, 2008. The dossier is titled The Matrix of Death.... It will contain much new data as well as highly critical analyses of the cumulative figures put out by Human Rights Watch, the United Nations and the Associated Press.
Marc W. Herold
University of New Hampshire

Dave Markland said...

That is indeed a chilling implication, as you point out. I look forward to seeing the dossier in October.

Dave Markland