Thursday, August 21, 2008

'Troops out' says Trudeau son

From the Montreal Gazette:

Afghan mission 'foolish and wrong,' says Alexandre Trudeau

MONTREAL, Aug 21 (Canwest) - Canada's "aggressive" war in Afghanistan is all about "teaching lessons with weapons" and will leave nothing behind "except the blood we've lost there," the journalist son of late prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau said Thursday.

"Our aggressive military activities in Afghanistan are foolish and wrong," said Alexandre (Sacha) Trudeau, 34.

"The Pashtun [people] have extremely different values than ours, values we may not agree with in any case, but it's not our business to try and teach them lessons with weapons," Mr. Trudeau told Canwest News Service.

"Because, in fact, they'll be the ones teaching us lessons.
"We're going to have to leave the place or there'll be nothing left of us or of whatever we've done, except the blood we've lost there after we leave. So it's better we leave now." ...

Asked Thursday whether he now wants to make his next film in Afghanistan...

"I don't think I'd go to Afghanistan," he said.

"I don't want to go and sit in the [Canadian Forces] camp in Kandahar and film the Tim Hortons.

"What I want to do is leave it to younger filmmakers to show who the Pashtun are -- people we falsely call Taliban, in most cases -- and why we really have no reason to tell them how to live their lives, why Afghanistan should be left to its own devices." ... (link)

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